Rug to Carpet Gripper


Rug to Carpet Gripper

Rugmart’s Rug Control Underlay . Tackle slip and slide in all areas of your home. Rug Control underlay is the instant solution to stop your rug or mat from slipping or moving on any type of carpet including wood, synthetic or mix

Features: Instant Application – Anti-Slip Protection – on all types of carpets – Easy to use – Also pre-packed sizes


      1. 70X140CM - suitable for 80-90cm width and 150-160cm length rug
      2. 110X170CM - suitable for 120-140cm width and 170-180cm length rug
      3. 150X220CM - suitable for 150-170cm width and 230-240cm length rug 
      4. 60x230CM - suitable for 60-80cm width and 230-250cm length runner
      5. 60x300CM - suitable for 60-80cm width and 300-320cm length runner


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