Bobohemian Woodstock White 8912


Vintage look with Persian Floral Design 

It is with great pleasure that our team can offer you the Louis de Poortere range, a line of designer rugs boasting a unique look. Louis de Poortere rugs are famed for their chic distressed look; a technique which allows the designs to incorporate an eclectic mix of rich colours into the fabric without appearing garish.

The New Bobohemian collection utilises a more PERSIAN Floral design that really highlights the faded attributes, giving any room an airy and vibrant ambiance. On a lush background of rich colours with Persian style elements and the pattern has a distinctive Oriental feel.
Heavy flat weave fabric perfectly suits the distressed look of these stunning rugs. Perfect for both contemporary and traditional interiors. These rugs are instantly recognisable yet there is still significant variety within their range. multiple colours and faded prints capitalising on the super used aesthetic.

The flat woven surface is approximately 5mm thick consisting of wool and cotton chenille with a distressed finish to create an authentic antique or shabby chic look. All edges are folded and hand sewn for a neat finish Woven on Jacquard Wilton looms, all Louis de Poortere rugs are crafted using an astute blend of cotton chenille and wool. Nine different sizes of rug ensure your Louis de Poortere will fit any room perfectly.

Material: 85% Cotton, 15% Wool

Weight: 1500g/m2

Special: Jacquard Flatweave, Anti Slip finish

Delivery: 21-30 working days

Highlights of this Rug:

  • Unique Look
  • Vintage Designs
  • Patchwork Style
  • Hard wearing
  • Non Shedding
  • Anti Slip backing
  • Ideal to add some luxury to your floor
  • Light weight and easily foldable
X SMALL - 60x90cm 79.99
SMALL - 80X150cm 159.99
MEDIUM - 140x200cm 319.00
LARGE - 170x240cm 454.00
XL - 200x280cm 654.00
XXL - 230x330cm 869.99
XXL - 280x360cm 1144.00

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