Iflama is our stunning patchwork style flatweave rug with nice elaborated vintage effects, rectangular boxes in various shades of one colours and faded prints capitalising on the super used aesthetic, giving any room an airy and vibrant ambiance.

vintage flat weave woven with soft fibres such cotton, viscose and polyester on Wilton looms. These rugs will fit any room perfectly.

Material: 40% Viscose, 38% Cotton Chenille, 22% Polyester

Pile Height: approx. 3-4mm

Weight: approx. 1820g sq/m

Special: Stylish Vintage-look rugs

Delivery: 2-3working days approx.

  • Vintage Designs
  • Unique look
  • Patchwork Style
  • Hard wearing
  • Non Shedding

Available sizes: 80x150cm | 140x200cm | 160x230cm | 200x290cm