Antique Hadschlu

Antiquarian Antique Hadschlu:
The legendary 782-Hadschlu from Louis De Poortere is re-edited in its flatweave, distressed version. The classic Afghan Tribal design at its best

Sometimes called "The Notary Rug", our Hadschlu has the particularity that it blends into a classic notary study, as elegantly as in a slee, minimalist yuppie interior. It just adds that classy touch that says you know what you want.

The flat woven surface is approximately 3mm thick consisting of cotton chenille with a distressed finish to create an authentic antique or shabby chic look. All edges are folded and hand sewn for a neat finish Woven on Jacquard Wilton looms, all Louis de Poortere rugs are crafted using an astute blend of cotton chenille and wool. Five different sizes of rug ensure your Louis de Poortere will fit any room perfectly, even in XXXL size of 290x390cm.

Material: 100% Cotton

Height: 3mm

Highlights of this Rug:

Afghan Tribal Design | Antique look | Vintage & Distressed Geometric design | Hard wearing | Non Shedding | Anti Slip backing | Light weight and easily foldable

    Available Sizes:
    140x200cm | 170x240cm | 200x280cm | 230x330cm | 290x390cm