Antique Bakhtiari Vintage Rugs

Louis De Poortere vintage rug with floral pattern

Bakhtiari Vintage Rugs

The Antiquarian Antique Bakhtiari rugs are one of the best sellers from the Louis De Poortere range. They’re inspired by classic Iranian designs, proving you with some excellent floral patterns and incredibly artistic aesthetics.

These vintage rugs are similar to both the Antique Heriz and Antique Hadschlu rugs as they’ve been given the distressed treatment to look faded and worn. There are many benefits to bringing faded rugs into your home, and these include:

  • Providing your interiors with a cultured look
    The beauty of these vintage rugs from Louis De Poortere is that they add a real touch of class to your property. The intricate designs and mesmerising patterns will easily bring a sense of culture to your interior., adding more substance to a room.
  • Offering a statement piece for your rooms
    Another great benefit of these faded rugs is that they offer you a statement piece for any given room. Often, people turn to large pieces of art hung on walls to really make a statement in one of their rooms. However, these Antique Bakhtiari rugs are almost a work of art in their own right. They sit pretty on the floor and will create a statement no matter which room they’re in. Heads will turn, and jealousy will ensue when you have guests round.
  • They’re conversation starters
    One of the great things about the Louis De Poortere range is that all the rugs are great conversation starters. You have designs like the Atlantic Surf and Atlantic Streaks that really tell stories about different parts of the world. The same can be said of this faded rug too; it’s inspired by an Iranian tribe, which instantly starts a conversation you can have with guests.

Unique Floral Rug Designs

Antique Bakhtiari rug patterns are often inspired by floral or garden designs giving each rug a unique look and feel. The flat woven surface is approximately 3mm thick consisting of cotton chenille with a distressed finish that creates an authentic antique or shabby chic look. All edges are folded and hand sewn for a neat finish that is woven on Jacquard Wilton looms.

Rug Specifications

Material 100% Cotton
Height 3mm
Backing Natural Anti-Slip Backing
Sizes Available 140x200cm, 170x240cm, 200x280cm, 230x330cm, 290x390cm

Products In This Range

Here are the vintage rugs that make up the Bakhtiari range.