Plain Rugs August 4, 2015 17:36


Rugs play a huge role in our households, and certainly help to turn a house into a home. But as everyone will be familiar with, we often change things around at homes. Rearranging furniture and redecorating can be great ways to spruce up a home, make more space and keep things appealing. It is for this reason that our plain rugs have proven so popular.

One of the main selling points of our Plain rugs is their adaptability. Understated furniture is a style in itself, and our collection of Plain Modern and Plain Shaggy Rugs use a minimalist approach that has a subtle effect on the room. Because the designs are fairly neutral, Loomrug's plain collection of Modern and Shaggy rugs can be moved from room to room as required – that’s one less thing to consider the next time you decide to decorate.

Our Plain rugs come in all manner of colours from creams and beiges to reds, blues, blacks and many more. A selection of delicate designs have been incorporated on many of our Plain rugs in order to add character without reducing the flexibility and versatility which makes them so appealing to begin with.

Blending simplicity with style, these are perfect for any number of design schemes.